EXCLUSIVE // Listen to ‘EP2’, the latest release from Amy Grindhouse


It has always fascinated me whether it is more hipster to like ‘Amy Winehouse’ or ‘Grindhouse’. With the former, you can pass off your listening to mainstream pop music as ironic. With the latter, you can dismiss the titillation and moral depravity pertinent to most grindhouse cinema and endorse it for the ‘retro’ and ‘cult’ facets. Either way, most of us probably just wouldn’t understand your complex and esoteric personality. You can’t understand it. You’re brash, impetuous, always looking at things from a different perspective, and always enjoying craft beer and almonds.

Where the fuck did that come from? Amy Grindhouse is a Newport Wales instrumental two piece. The band pride themselves on being “the second best math rock band in Newport; only being topped by the ventilation fan outside our local swimming pool which also seems to have a way bigger following then us“. You can sell real estate with a spin like that.

Amy Grindhouse’s EP2 was recorded by Phil Booth in Jt Soar, Nottingham. Musically, EP2 delivers a rich mix of math rock and emo, packed with cheerfully angular guitar melodies echoing bands like tide/edit and Low Pass. If this is your jam, step on in because we’re streaming it exclusively all week.

bathingAmy Grindhouse’s ‘EP2’ is out on December 10th via Little L Records. You can keep up to date with Any Grindhouse via Facebook. Stay in school. Until you graduate.