kodiak empire


You know, we were just thinking that it’s been too long since we heard from Brisbane’s Kodiak Empire. Five years ago, the band put out the lush, emotionally captivating Silent Bodies, which was about as hot of a release as the lava-covered horse that graced the album’s cover art. Taking a mystic, slow burning approach to blending prog, math rock, and otherworldly post-grunge melodies, Silent Bodies showed a ton of promise, and though it’s not as if the band disappeared or anything, we’ve been keeping out eyes out for whatever they’d do next.

Thankfully, the wait is over, and the guys arrive with solid proof that they’ve been anything but slouching. The syrupy LFO filters, soaring vocals, and dexterous guitar work that we loved from the last record are all present, and now with increased emphasis on one of the band’s hidden strengths: spacious, ambient backdrops.

“The Difference” is far from post-rock though – sure, it’s contemplative and takes its time to unwind, but it’s one of the most focused songs we’ve heard from the band yet. It’s an excellent choice for a single, and we’re excited to premier the video for it below, which was directed by Nicholas Strugar / Ravens at Odds.

You know, despite the long break, Kodiak Empire clearly knows a thing or two about consistency. For instance, remember the flaming lava horse from the last album? Get a load of the art for the new album. We’re no gastroenterologist, but we’re pretty sure the guy on the cover of upcoming The Great Acceleration is experiencing a new level of heartburn… or… heart-bird? That’s gotta hurt, man.

All jokes aside though, some new Kodiak Empire is just what we’ve needed. The band’s ability to create towering yet interesting stacks of sound in the context of digestible prog rock sounds like a simple accomplishment on the surface, but it’s easier said than done.

We may or may not get a chance to premier another video for the guys soon enough, we’ll see! We don’t want to hog all the glory, but we’ll take what we can get. Coming up we’ve got a bunch of throwbacks from the 90’s, Dot Hacker, Forrest Rice aka Wolfie, Dhärä, and a whole lot more. Pre-order the new Kodiak Empire here and juice our engines up over here, if you’re so inclined. Thanks for reading!