EXCLUSIVE // JCDX///’s new a/bum ‘reka’ is a /eft-of-center sonic assau/t ///


If you’re in an experimental noise band, your chances of giving a fuck are slim. It’s kind of in the job description to dismantle, maybe even piss on, the conventions of contemporary music. And the UK has a lot to offer in this space. I’m thinking bands like JS Lowax, Phantom Chips, Colossloth and many others who might play a show near you if you’re lucky and they can be bothered entertaining you.

Nottingham experimental noise crew JCDX/// are certainly from this world, the one where few fucks are given. The trio, whose original project name ‘JC Decaux’ was met with a cease-and-desist, have already churned out an impressive debut EP, which brought together elements of noise rock, post-industrial and, dare we say, a bit of math rock in there? You might say it was a mesh of Prurient, Pharmakon and Nitkowski: noisy, challenging, enduring, gross.

This is the preamble to reka, which we’re proud to be premiering in it’s entirety this week. This, the band’s first full-length foray is as gritty, uncompromising and downright compelling as their EP (in fact, a couple of EP tracks reappear in this release). In reka, JCDX///’s exploration of sound is deeper, the textures are nastier, and the suspense is more exhilarating. It’s a punishing listen with all the destructive beauty of a car crash.

The experimental noise scene in the UK is clearly alive and well.

JCDX/// will release reka on July 20th via the almighty Chain Letter. Do yourself a favour.