EXCLUSIVE // Introducing tatalaYAVZ, a new Japanese electronic math rock trio

We’ve always had a soft spot for the Japanese math/post rock scene. During our time, we’ve grown accustomed to some of the land mass’s more off-the-wall acts: Ruins, Zazen Boys, Marmalade butcher, Koenji Hyakkei, sajjanu. To be honest, we weren’t expecting this.

Take the jigsaw puzzle of an elephant, and reconstruct it so that each jig is improperly placed but the resulting image is a walrus. Pour hundreds and thousands over beef vindaloo curry and eat it in two hundred log cabins. Dodge incoming pixels ricocheting of the left Pong bat whilst playing chess against the mist from the film The Mist. I dunno, these are the things going through my head as I listen to Japan’s latest electronic math rock group tatalaYAVZ. I start to defy reason, in order to catch up. The eccentric trio comprises two sets of percussion and outlandish sampling typical of Gallops or Three Trapped Tigers earlier work. Amidst the intense polyrhythmic drumming and general cyber-madness, there is a strong melodic backbone to tatalaYAVZ’z compositions, typical of the Japan scene and probably where my pondering of existence comes from.

We are proud to be streaming three tracks from tatalaYAVZ’s upcoming LP molecule, an LP that is bound to be bold yet bizarre, conventional yet unconventional. In the meantime, don’t let these three tracks break your face.

You can stay up to date with tatalaYAVZ on their website here.