This weekend we see the premier of Choke Artist’s artist compilation Your Breath Stinks Vol. 5, and lord have mercy is it a math happy doozy. From Snooze and Extrovert to Bobbing and Good Game, there’s a lot here to sift through.

All the tracks are brand new or unreleased, and 100% of the proceeds go to Center for Disease Philanthropy’s Covid Relief Fund and America’s Food Fund. So we’re down for the cause.

Check out these Soundcloud links below, but be sure to visit the Choke Artist site here for that sweet, sweet vinyl. The clear and light blue and black splatter is preem af and you know it.

The songs rip, plain and simple. Snooze and Good Game come out of the gate strong with bouncy, unpredictable songwriting while remaining irresistible. Sincerely and AM Overcast splice math and prog with all-out pop, and Extrovert with a deep and warming embrace. Perhaps the biggest surprise here is Bobbing; the lush, electronic pads really stand out on a math rock compilation, but they fit in surprisingly well.

Here’s Choke Artist on the tracks themselves!

“Good Game – “Julius the Corgi” – Brock from Invalids once based solo project turned full band.

Snooze – “Overheard from the Void” – Equal parts thrashy, melodic, and heavy.

Bobbing ft. Adobo – “Envelope” – Bob from Bobbing (formerly of Feed Me Jack) bring a new electronic tune featuring Nay of Hikes.

Sincerely – “NewBoot” – Michigan emo/punk math rockers bring a moody track to the table.

A.M. Overcast – “PLUS” – Canada based technical pop punk outfit back with the first new song in years.

Extrovert – “Future Tenses” – Tyler from Champagne Colored Cars‘ internet project – featuring Logan from Snooze on guitar, Joe from El Americano on bass and Joe from Invalids on drums and vox.