EXCLUSIVE // Chicago instrumental trio Cascader premiere their first single ‘Monolithic Lung’

cascaderChicago has no shortage of instrumental rock bands continually coming out of the Windy City, and Cascader is continuing the lineage of Midwest instrumental trios that come before them. The band, comprised of Jeff Schaffer (guitar), Parker Langvardt (bass), and Ben Chargot (drums), starting playing music together in their hometown of Midland, Michigan, before the trio moved to Chicago, Illinois, where they could immerse themselves in the Chicago math rock scene and take their playing to the next level. Some Chicago math rock followers may have seen bassist Parker Langvardt in another role as he has been played a recurring character for Chicago weirdos Space Blood, playing the band’s manager “Kernal Parkour” during mid-set skits at various shows throughout the past few years.

We’re premiering Cascader’s first single, ‘Monolithic Lung’ of their debut album, Me Us You. The track starts in a 7/4 groove with guitar work the evokes comparison to heavier instrumental bands like Town Portal and Midwest math rock OG’s Ativin. After a detour to a melodic 4/4 middle section the track transitions into a driving ending section in 6 that features some bombastic drumming reminiscent of early For Respect era Don Caballero. The full-length album will be out 12/13/2018 with a cassette and digital release by Chicago based Worry Records.

a1369708735_10Cascader’s debut album Me Us You will be released on December 13. Check their Facebook page for the most recent updates. You can attend the release show at The Owl in Chicago, details here.