Amalgamamma – UNO (2017)

As we begin the journey of UNO by Ecuador’s Amalgamamma, we find ourselves headfirst into a reverse delay/loop of melody; incoming guitar, bass and percussion feel like artillery hitting no man’s land.

There’s a suite of surprises here: a beautiful rendition of Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take Five’ appears in the form of ‘5co al Brinco’ (“jump to five”). Continuing on with band name track ‘Amalgama’, featuring a beautiful guitar loop that shifts into a psychobilly/blues riff. ‘Galope’ sends us into an array of lasers and guitar tapping heaven! ‘Tren’ (“train”) is an amazing end to a chaotic and sublime math rock amalgam, classically modern.

File Under

Instrumental, math rock, jazz, tappity-tap

Sounds A Tad Like

Macho Muchacho, Hungria, rega


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Quito Canton, Ecuador