100 Onces – 100 One Says (2013)

100 Onces join the legacy of two-man noise-houses, such as Pneu and Hella, but add other musical facets, such as funk, metal and hardcore, to the bake. The eponymous-ish 100 One Says is a hiking trail mix for the wandering math lover. ‘Oh Em Gee’, the album’s opener, emits vibes of noise rock and joyous party math, which will please the Hella and ASIWYFA fans respectively. Noisier tracks like ‘Organicore’ and ‘No’ wander from technical guitar shredding to beatdown hardcore to loose Southern rock. The tongue-in-cheek song titles, the intermittent bellowing group vocals, and the casual meandering between different genres, all imply that everything in this album is intended to be light-hearted and fun. Co! Porno! Pocalypse!

File Under

Math rock, noise rock, two-piece, instrumental, hardcore, party mix, distortion, free

Sounds A Tad Like

Pneu, Hella, ASIWYFA





100 Onces will be playing at ArcTanGent festival in Bristol (28th to 30th August).
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