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Cloud Nine (9) – I’m telling god

Osaka’s Cloud Nine(9) return with their blistering new album I’m telling god. Bearing all the delectable fruits of their previous EP, Passage of time, their first 12 track LP blends together rich, angular guitar phrases with ambient soundscapes and the renowned groove of Japanese post rock.

We are assisting with the release of I’m telling god for the simple reason that Cloud Nine(9) define a new generation of Japanese bands bringing poignancy and emotion to instrumental post rock. Takashi Kashikura, drummer of renowned Japanese group toe, has remarked that Cloud Nine (9) “…fill the album with so much musical possibility. They are the musical answer of the next generation, bringing new musical phrases, senses and feelings, often ones we can’t find…“. I’m Telling God brings new energy to the Japanese post rock flame, illuminating it greater than ever before. Like Passage of Time, their full length is a soft and soothing trip to a destination unknown.


Guitar – Kohata Tsubasa
Guitar – Taniguchi Hiroki
Bass – Ota Shogo
Drums – Terada Hitoshi