Troubleshooting tips

Has something gone a’cropper? Or does something seem amiss? Here are some tips that might help you…

The display looks like shit!
We have noticed that the tool can appear a little blurry when viewing in Google Chrome. We recommend trying another browser (IE, Safari, Firefox) for a cleaner display.

That data box is messin’ about when I scroll down!
Again, different browser capabilities. If the data box is becoming distorted as you scroll through the listings, you should be able to click on an entry and the box will refresh itself.

The tool is really slow!
Your face is slow! No, with all seriousness, just give it some time as the database is quite big so the tool needs some time to work through the listings.

Where is my band, haterz?
Relax! Either we didn’t find you, or you suck. Most likely the former of these. So, if you are interested in being involved in this tool, please go to our Submissions section.

This is a broken link! :O
Oh my god! CONTACT US!!

You suck.
Piss off.