We are proud to finally present our seventh region-specific compilation: Fecking Bahamas VII. Portugal. In such a small but vibrant country, many of Portugal’s music scenes tend to cross over, including punk, hardcore, post-rock, dance rock, latin music, jazz, electronica and prog. Math rock is a motif that fits right in the middle of everything. We searched high and low for the best math rock Portugal has to offer, both old and new, and we are thrilled to have come up with such a rich selection. Make sure you also check out our World Of Math map for other Portuguese bands. And if you like what you hear, please remember to support the bands by purchasing their tunes via the links below.

Featured artists:

1. Memória de Peixe (memoriadepeixept.bandcamp.com)
2. Don Pie Pie (donpiepie.bandcamp.com)
3. Lydia’s Sleep (lydiasleep.bandcamp.com)
4. Suchi Rukara (suchirukara.bandcamp.com)
5. Papaya (papayapapaya.bandcamp.com)
7. Quelle Dead Gazelle (quelledeadgazelle.bandcamp.com)
8. Asneira
9. SAUR (saurband.bandcamp.com)
10. Lenha (lenhalenha.bandcamp.com)
11. If Lucy Fell
12. Bruxas/Cobras (bruxascobras.bandcamp.com)
13. Galgo (galgogalgogalgo.bandcamp.com)
14. I Had Plans (ihadplans.bandcamp.com)
15. Balão Dirigível (balaodirigivel.bandcamp.com)
16. SSA (s-s-a.bandcamp.com)
17. Ligadura (ligadura.bandcamp.com)
18. Morphing Treeman (morphingtreeman.bandcamp.com)
19. Filho da Mãe & Ricardo Martins (filhodamae.bandcamp.com)
20. El Rupe (elrupe.bandcamp.com)
21. The Rite of Trio (theriteoftrio.bandcamp.com)
22. Lobster
23. Le Dernier Combat (lederniercombat.bandcamp.com)
24. Debut! (debut.bandcamp.com)
25. Equations (equations.bandcamp.com)

Our artwork explained

1614075_767966753308121_1795233507707616351_oAs is the Fecking custom, we requested a random word from three bands featured in the sampler, and then presented said words to a local artist for an improvised sketch. In the end the bands chose the words ‘greyhound’, ‘suave’ and ‘thirst’, respectively. We then gave these words to Portuguese illustrator Vera Maria to improvise a drawing. The results are provocative but ultimately captivating.

Thank you

We would like to thank Ricardo Martins, who helped dig up and reach out to many of the bands on the comp. Massive thanks to all the bands that agreed to get on board and help spread the word and special thanks to Vera Maria for the excellent album artwork.