Tuesday August 12th, 2014

The Bulletproof Tiger – ‘An Awkward Moment With A Grilled Cheese Sandwich’ (Canada)

Bearded Youth Quest – ‘Banana Flip-Flop’ (UK)

Hella – ‘Cafeteria Bananas’ (US)

Axes – ‘Rainbow Bacon’ (UK)

Alpha Male Tea Party – ‘Truffles’ (UK)

The Redneck Manifesto – ‘Black Apple’ (Ireland)

LITE – ‘Hunger’ (Japan)

Blakfish – ‘The Closer To The Bone, The Sweeter The Meat (UK)

Zef’s Chasing Cara – ‘Salad’ (UK)

Dilute – ‘Apple’ (US)

Slint – ‘Breadcrumb Trail’ (US)

Enemies – ‘Feed Me Seedless’ (Ireland)

The Locust – ‘The Half Eaten Sausage Would Like To See You In His Office’ (US)

Melt Banana – ‘Creeps In A White Cake’ (Japan)