Well, 2016 has got to be one of the shittest years we’ve seen in a while. Unprecedented global temperatures. The Pokemon GO zombie plague. Brexit. No more Prince. No more David Bowie. No more Leonard Cohen. Heaps more Trump.

Music is our only solace sometimes, so let’s throw these issues to the side and rank music. As always, there are more math releases than we can write about. So this is where you come in. Once again, we want you to take the reins and pick out your five favourite math releases of 2016, either using our slightly exhaustive shortlist, or discarding our shit ideas and picking some of your own. We will announce the top fifty, as voted by you, in the first week of January 2017. A couple of hints for casting a decent vote…

(i) Don’t vote for your mates. That’s partisanship, not a genuine vote.

(ii) We’d suggest making your way through the list before picking out your five. Don’t do it as you go. The list is in alphabetical order, and we want bands that start with ‘W’ to have an equal chance of votes.

(iii) Yes, you can re-access the polling booth once you’ve cast your vote. We keep them open so multiple users can vote from the same IP address. However, we can see when one IP address has upvoted a band 500 times. Don’t do that, you will look like a dick in front of us. But most importantly

(iv) Don’t record videos of street performers and then walk away without giving them a donation. That’s piracy.

Pick your top 5 math releases of 2016...