memory of elephants


Memory of Elephants – Beachballin’ (2019)

A number of weeks ago, having embarked on a brief perambulation, I suffered the deep misfortune of falling victim to a kidnapping; a posse of ruffians forced a hood over my head and scooped me into the back of a transit van and I saw nothing until I awoke; alone, my surroundings, a pleasant yet unsettlingly corporate board room. There were some biscuits in a little dish so I took one. “Hmm”, said I, “These biscuits taste as though they have been produced with Kworn™ High Quality Meat Substitute”.


August marked the fourth year of ArcTanGent, a three day suite of instrumental rock, experimental rock, post rock and math rock. Needless to say, the annual mecca of niche rock was a success all round, boasting the most phenomenal lineup to date and the inevitable silent disco to follow.