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FOCUS // tortuganónima discuss their name, their influences, and their road stories

Chile witnessed the birth of a band which, since 2014, has been standing for all South American math rock around the globe: tortuganónima. The four Chilean boys join a range of distinct genres to their sound, such as free jazz, post hardcore, emo and math rock. They have a very fruitful career, with a very long list of accomplishments, including several tours around South America, US, Europe and Japan, and opening for toe in their most recent visit to the country.

EXCLUSIVE // Monotrope deliver mind-boggling instrumental math-rock in their new video ‘Prismatic Symmetry’

Monotrope is set to release their second album, Immutable Future, on November 21, and we’re thrilled to have the exclusive premiere for their music video for the aptly titled 'Prismatic Symmetry'. The band’s debut album, Unifying Receiver, was a real treat for fans of 90’s influenced more angular styled math rock, and Immutable Future further develops the band’s sound and style.

EXCLUSIVE // Chicago Veterans American Draft (ex-Volta Do Mar) Celebrate 20 Years As A Band With ‘The Rescue’

The Rescue is the new full-length album by Chicago instrumental juggernauts American Draft. Formed in 1999, American Draft features Jeff Wojtysiak (bass) and Mike Baldwin (guitar) of iconic 90’s and early 2000’s Chicago math rock band Volta Do Mar (in fact, their 2001 album, At The Speed Of Light Or Day, was included in our list of 100 great math rock albums you’ve never heard).

VIDEO // Behold the off-kilter riff fest in Øgïvęš Big Band’s new single ‘Tethra’

Øgïvęš Big Band is not just an exercise in exotic symbology, it is a supergroup in the Bristol underground prog and math scene. Comprising the troupe are guitarist Ben Harris (Øgïvęš, ANTA, Rainbow Slicer), bassist Ben Holyoake (Lambhorn), and drummer Oli Cocup (Lambhorn, My Octopus Mind). Sharing a passion for musical experimentation and the avant garde, the trio set out to warp all your favourite heavy rock tropes and throw your expectations back in your face.