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The History of Math Rock Pt 3: Take Five to Find Out Why ‘Time Out’ is the First Math Rock Album

In the first couple decades of a new century a genre music formed that became popular with the youth of the time who enjoyed underground non-mainstream music. Part of the sound of this music was forged from using innovative music technology that recently became available as well as specific playing techniques and styles not being used in other forms of contemporary music.

EXCLUSIVE // sewingneedle take math rock back to the 90’s with their new album ‘user error’

You might agree that the mid-1990’s were the salad days of math rock, a time where the term ‘math rock’ was still a joke phrase and only just picking up traction from the zines and journos. There were bands like Chavez, Polvo, Shudder To Think that added rhythmic complexity to their combinations of grunge, slacker rock, post-punk, and post-hardcore with a mathy edge. What made these bands so good is that their discordant was well-balanced with palatable hooks and sing-alongs.