EXCLUSIVE // Hear Luo’s explosive first single as a two-piece

Much like – let’s say – duck à l’orange, the constituents of Luo’s sound, on paper, haven’t, at first glance, ever appeared too likely to mingle well. Thick, hazy electronica and tumbling, wonky prog leanings; a bird and a citrus fruit? Neither part feels instantly plausible to mesh without prompting some discord however, as contemporaries such as Three Trapped Tigers and Poisonous Birds consistently prove (as regards the music, not the cuisine), the two can make for comfy bedfellows.

A WEREWOLF! – Wonderful Sound, Strange Shape (2017)

Grindcore is a brilliant genre; in fact, just generally, aggressive-tech-metal can be a very rewarding style of music – there’s a furious, electrifying energy captured in the violence of the music, which can ultimately prove tangibly cathartic. However, it’s such that, most often, that same energy is pumped into the creation of darker, angrier music which, without wanting to criticise, is not what listeners seeking a fix of intense, aggressive music always want.