bad pond

Town Portal 4 (Photo by Mads Ogstrup Nielsen)

EXCLUSIVE // Watch Town Portal perform their track ‘Archright’ in a blistering live session…

It’s hard not to gush about Town Portal, whose three albums thus far have blended sludge, post-metal and math rock into a riffy, angular soup. The three-piece has ever excelled at dark, moody music based on hypnotic rhythmic interplay between bright guitar, tight drum grooves and earthy, thudding basslines. Seriously, just listen to these basslines.

NEWS // BAD POND RELEASE FIRST WAVE OF BANDS (plus exclusive live footage of Delta Sleep)

or fans of math, and other forms of wierdo rock music, Brighton is increasingly becoming seen as a glimmering promised-land; not only is it home to a serious roster of ridiculously great acts but a thriving live-music scene. And, as 2018 rolls in, one of Brighton’s most formidable promoters, Small Pond,  have released the first wave of bands set to play this year’s edition of the Bad Pond festival; a weekend’s celebration of incredible math/alternative music.