Pennines – Fair Do’s

Pennines is perhaps best known by many as featuring Henry Tremain, who replaced Stuart Smith as vocalist in TTNG. The legacy of the Norwich quartet sadly doesn’t stretch far beyond this short piece of trivia, and unfortunately negates their ardour as a band at a time where the UK scene that was still young but steadily expanding.

Their three track release, Fair Do’s was a short CD that was sold during a 2009 tour with French math rock band fago.sepia. Henry says “The CD is sometimes called ‘Fair Do’s’, though that was the name Mike had been using for his gig promotion, so it was kind of like a self release on fair dos as a label name type thing“.

We have worked with Henry to make these wonderful Pennines releases freely available in digital format on Fecking Bahamas. Not only do the releases mark a piece in time where math rock and post rock scenes were gaining traction; they reveal another moment in the evolution of one of math rock’s most popular motifs: the intricate guitar phrase.


Vocals/guitar: Henry Tremain
Bass guitar: Mikey Ramone
Guitar: Tristan Holden
Drums: Jem Eaves

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