Math & Atlases: UK

In May 2015, the members of Space Blood started work on a multi-storey project inspired by a rather simple sentiment: “One of my favorite things about touring is immersing oneself in the different scenes in different cities, and touring the UK and being exposed to the contemporary math rock scene happening there was a real eye opening experience“, says drummer William Covert, “I just immediately wanted to share that experience with everyone I knew back in the states.” The guys set to work on Math & Atlases, a three-part project uniting 19 bands from math rock scenes across the US and UK in an attempt to unify the math rock world just a little bit more. The first installment, Math & Atlases: UK, spotlights what is probably the most active math rock scene in the world.

Fecking Bahamas are featuring the entire Maps and Atlases compilation series for the simple reason that they encompass everything we do as a website: promoting underground math-leaning talent from a regional perspective. Math and Atlases: UK is the perfect starter kit for up-and-comers in the British scene; a new legion of bands that will no doubt carry torches in the years to come.


Space Blood
Bass guitar: Sam Edgin
Drums: William Covert



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