Math & Atlases: Out West

Out West, the final installation in Space Blood’s Math & Atlases compilation series, brings together math rock talent West of the Mississippi. Boasting a vast array of math-rock related music from bands that have multiple states or even oceans between them, these Math & Atlases compilations are examples of the internet bringing musicians and music-lovers closer together. Thanks to the curators, Space Blood, math-rock fans from many different places will be introduced to new, genre-bending music that can be as close as their backyard or as far as overseas.

Fecking Bahamas are featuring the entire Math & Atlases compilation series for the simple reason that they encompass everything we do as a website: promoting underground math-leaning talent from a regional perspective. Math & Atlases: Out West provides a sampling platter of mid-West talent, straight from the heartland of the genre’s early inception.


Space Blood
Bass guitar: Sam Edgin
Drums: William Covert



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