Marmalade butcher / Atlantis Airport – Rembrandt Rays

At face value, Marmalade butcher and ATLANTIS AIRPORT have a great degree of polarity. The cacophonic Marmalade butcher deliver highly technical arrays of sound, a treat for fans of highly charged instrumental acts like mudy on the sakuban, sajjanu and te’. Interspersed between this cyberpunk madness is ATLANTIS AIRPORT, a more gentle but nonetheless powerful pop rock orchestra. While both bands appear to be worlds apart, it is the opener ‘Falling City’ (which features members of both bands) that demonstrates the potential for symbiosis. When both bands combine, the result is a lavish excess of pop, bearing the often overwhelming sonic energy typical of anime and video game culture.

This split has been made available by Fecking Bahamas as it lays down the bare bones of the contemporary Japanese scene, where the angularity of modern math rock coalesces with the dazzling and often lurid elements of J-pop. Rembrandt Rays carries us to a place where pop and heavy duty instrumental post rock can seemingly coexist.


Marmalade butcher
Guitar: Nienu
Guitar: Mr. J
Bass: Akihisa Otani
Support Drums: MAKOTOMO

Vocals: sonezaki
Keys: y0den
Bass: BONO
support drums: keisuke abe
support guitar: Mr.J




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