VIDEO // Behold the off-kilter riff fest in Øgïvęš Big Band’s new single ‘Tethra’

Øgïvęš Big Band is not just an exercise in exotic symbology, it is a supergroup in the Bristol underground prog and math scene. Comprising the troupe are guitarist Ben Harris (Øgïvęš, ANTA, Rainbow Slicer), bassist Ben Holyoake (Lambhorn), and drummer Oli Cocup (Lambhorn, My Octopus Mind). Sharing a passion for musical experimentation and the avant garde, the trio set out to warp all your favourite heavy rock tropes and throw your expectations back in your face.
kasseikinkystar (photo credits jeroen jacobs)

NEW MUSIC // Belgium quartet Kassei are reviving the sounds of 90’s math rock and post rock

According to Kassei, Geraardsbergen is one of the country’s sleepiest provincial towns. An exemplary slice of the great Belgian pastoral. It was in Geraardsbergen that the band's four musicians started bouncing material off each other in a garden shed. 'Kassei' is the Belgian word for 'cobblestone', it sounds rather fitting given the bucolic nature of the band's early days.