VIDEO // Behold the off-kilter riff fest in Øgïvęš Big Band’s new single ‘Tethra’

Øgïvęš Big Band is not just an exercise in exotic symbology, it is a supergroup in the Bristol underground prog and math scene. Comprising the troupe are guitarist Ben Harris (Øgïvęš, ANTA, Rainbow Slicer), bassist Ben Holyoake (Lambhorn), and drummer Oli Cocup (Lambhorn, My Octopus Mind). Sharing a passion for musical experimentation and the avant garde, the trio set out to warp all your favourite heavy rock tropes and throw your expectations back in your face.

EXCLUSIVE // Hear Luo’s explosive first single as a two-piece

Much like – let’s say – duck à l’orange, the constituents of Luo’s sound, on paper, haven’t, at first glance, ever appeared too likely to mingle well. Thick, hazy electronica and tumbling, wonky prog leanings; a bird and a citrus fruit? Neither part feels instantly plausible to mesh without prompting some discord however, as contemporaries such as Three Trapped Tigers and Poisonous Birds consistently prove (as regards the music, not the cuisine), the two can make for comfy bedfellows.

FOCUS // Exploring the themes of Delta Sleep’s Ghost City on its one-year anniversary

It’s been a whole year since Delta Sleep released their sophomore album Ghost City. Insincere exclamations of how quickly the time passed aside, in this time, Delta Sleep have enjoyed transatlantic success and found themselves no longer having to play the early slots of sweaty math rock all-day festivals confined to the gloomy and oppressive basements of Shoreditch bars.