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The Blunder Down Under: A Handful of Australian Math And Experimental Bands We Think You’ll Love

Sure, we live in a drought-stricken plateau of heat and coexist with creatures that transform people into obituaries. But hey, at least Australia is actually the unspoken bread and butter of math and experimental music. Here the array of complex chord progressions, twisted song structures, quirky jazz and disjunctive noise runs deep...

TOP PICKS // Our most anticipated albums of 2016

No matter where you are in the world, returning to daily life after a period of holidays sucks. It's a relatively minor frustration but nonetheless it leaves you feeling empty as you slowly unpack your joy. Even worse is, you're going to die later. And all that labour you're undertaking is completely superfluous; it aids no one but instead keeps the fleeting and ephemeral human endeavour ticking over. Your life is absurd.