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EXCLUSIVE // Watch Quarrels’ new video for ‘Amen’

When it comes to shooting a song promo, you could go all out and create a cinematic work that challenges the form of the ‘music video’ a la MJ’s ‘Thriller’, you could invent a dance craze like Queen B, or you could cause a ton of controversy like The Prodigy. Alternatively, like Boston’s Quarrels, you could just hole up in a dark bunker with plenty of mood lighting and play the damn song.

EXCLUSIVE // Stream Lilly Legit’s debut album ‘New Beginnings, Old Habits’

he great challenge for any instrumental band is to communicate the themes of their work to listeners with a paucity of words, usually confined to song titles, album names, or intermittent vocals. When it comes to math rock, the clean toned and frenetically tapped guitar often reigns supreme in many fan circles. But it begs the question: what is the breadth of its musical language; how much can it really communicate before it alls sound the same? Math rock is predominantly a guitar-lead genre, but what will happen when the products of its tools become saturated and all too familiar?