A Beginners Guide to Courting the Crimson King: Five Recommended Albums of Earthbound Construkcted Beats Thraked and B’Boomed by King Crimson

King Crimson has always been a band of impeccable timing. Throughout their career they have managed to know when to strike at the right time, such as landing an opening gig for the Rolling Stones at Hyde Park only a few months into being a band that launched their career or when reforming at the right time in 1981 to usher in a new wave of influences into polyrhythmic music that has influenced a generation of math rock bands.


It’s hard not to talk about Lynx without immediately bringing up Dave Konopka, who played guitar in the band before going on to play in one of the most important bands of the last decade regardless of genre in Battles, but got his start crafting a unique sound with Lynx in the late 90’s that laid seminal influence for the kind of sounds math rock was evolving into.