EXCLUSIVE // Monotrope deliver mind-boggling instrumental math-rock in their new video ‘Prismatic Symmetry’

Monotrope is set to release their second album, Immutable Future, on November 21, and we’re thrilled to have the exclusive premiere for their music video for the aptly titled 'Prismatic Symmetry'. The band’s debut album, Unifying Receiver, was a real treat for fans of 90’s influenced more angular styled math rock, and Immutable Future further develops the band’s sound and style. ...

EXCLUSIVE // Chicago Veterans American Draft (ex-Volta Do Mar) Celebrate 20 Years As A Band With ‘The Rescue’

The Rescue is the new full-length album by Chicago instrumental juggernauts American Draft. Formed in 1999, American Draft features Jeff Wojtysiak (bass) and Mike Baldwin (guitar) of iconic 90’s and early 2000’s Chicago math rock band Volta Do Mar (in fact, their 2001 album, At The Speed Of Light Or Day, was included in our list of 100 great math rock albums you’ve never heard)....

The History of Math Rock Pt 3: Take Five to Find Out Why ‘Time Out’ is the First Math Rock Album

In the first couple decades of a new century a genre music formed that became popular with the youth of the time who enjoyed underground non-mainstream music. Part of the sound of this music was forged from using innovative music technology that recently became available as well as specific playing techniques and styles not being used in other forms of contemporary music....



Location: Chicago, US