Josiah Luck

EXCLUSIVE // Hear Luo’s explosive first single as a two-piece

Much like – let’s say – duck à l’orange, the constituents of Luo’s sound, on paper, haven’t, at first glance, ever appeared too likely to mingle well. Thick, hazy electronica and tumbling, wonky prog leanings; a bird and a citrus fruit? Neither part feels instantly plausible to mesh without prompting some discord however, as contemporaries such as Three Trapped Tigers and Poisonous Birds consistently prove (as regards the music, not the cuisine), the two can make for comfy bedfellows....

EXCLUSIVE // Alarmist announce new album ‘Sequesterer’ and share new single

Alarmist’s 2015 record Popular Demain – with its bustling, jigsaw rhythms, fizzing synths and remarkable, pointillist guitar work – was a gamechanger. Continuing the grand tradition of Irish instrumental brilliance, the Dublin act broke boundaries, skirting the worlds of jazz, post-rock and math and flirting with influence from experimental electronica, to produce a bona-fide modern masterpiece (math-sterpiece©™ if you will…)....

Memory of Elephants – Beachballin’ (2019)

A number of weeks ago, having embarked on a brief perambulation, I suffered the deep misfortune of falling victim to a kidnapping; a posse of ruffians forced a hood over my head and scooped me into the back of a transit van and I saw nothing until I awoke; alone, my surroundings, a pleasant yet unsettlingly corporate board room. There were some biscuits in a little dish so I took one. “Hmm”, said I, “These biscuits taste as though they have been produced with Kworn™ High Quality Meat Substitute”....

Josiah Luck


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